Co-op membership gives even more to your community!

As one of the Co-op’s local community causes, it gives us great pleasure to let you know that their membership scheme is changing.

When you buy selected Co-op products and services, 2p for every £1 you spend goes into your own membership account. You can spend the rewards you earn on most things you can buy in Co-op shops.

In addition to earning your own rewards, the Co-op will also give the same amount to support local causes and community organisations, and we are one of these causes!

More details on the new membership, including how you can become a member, can be found by clicking here.

With the changes in membership offering, the Co-op have also launched their own app for customers to use. The app makes it easier to select your chosen cause and manage your rewards as well as giving you exclusive offers to take advantage of every single week.

You can download the app, and unlock personalised offers, by clicking here from your mobile device here.