Up for the Cup!

As part of our continued efforts to become a more sustainable and responsible club, we’re delighted to say that reusable plastic pint cups will now be used at Emmaus Mossley Seel Park!

How it works

When you buy a pint to take onto the terraces, you’ll now be required to pay a £2 deposit for the cup. Getting another pint? We’ll exchange your cup for a fresh one if you want us to, but we’re encouraging everyone to re-use their cup again to save water and energy. Once you’ve finished with your cup simply return it to the bar and you’ll be given your deposit back or you can take your cup home as a souvenir! Our cups are also stackable meaning fewer trips to the bar and shorter queues.

Please note: anyone under the age of 18 will not be able to return cups.

On the new initiative, Director Matthew Hayton said ‘We’ve been looking to introduce this scheme for a couple of years and are delighted it’s now happening. This is a significant investment for us to make but it’s the right thing to do.

‘Making this change brings so many benefits; our consumption of single use plastics will be significantly reduced meaning it’s better for the environment. The number of discarded cups left around the ground will also be reduced meaning our volunteers don’t have to spend as long clearing up after each match. Finally, over time this will save the club a significant amount of money that can be better spent elsewhere including supporting projects and causes in our local community.

‘A special thanks goes to Committee member Tom McGladdery who has been a huge help in making this happen.’

Our new cups will be used from tomorrow’s home match with Workington (Saturday 6th November 2021).