Lilywhites to enter world of NFTs and Cryptocurrency!

We’re excited to reveal we’re entering the world of digital collectible art with our very own Lilywhite NFTs and our very own Cryptocurrency, BenCoin™.

BenCoin™ marks the Lilywhites first venture into Cryptocurrency

A fun and innovative way to celebrate being a Mossley supporter, our NFT collection features illustrations of our men’s and women’s team players in action.

In another exciting development, BenCoin™ will be introduced as the only way to pay for goods and services inside Seel Park.

By owning a Lilywhite NFT, supporters can join an innovative community called ‘the crowd’, with access to the ‘social club’, unique experiences like ‘singing’, virtual hang-outs on the ‘terraces’, ‘golden goal’ competitions and more.

Director Matthew Hayton said: “The Lilywhites NFT drop is a first-of-its-kind initiative which seeks to bring a new, exciting and innovative way for supporters around the world to engage with the club. We always strive to adopt new emerging technology – we even got a card machine in the club shop this season.

“We know it will take getting used to, but BenCoin™ is the future and people should embrace it. Your ticket, programme and raffle ticket can all be bought with BenCoin™. You won’t need to carry cash as you can just ‘Ben’ it. Everyone will be provided with a digital wallet including the players who won’t need to carry Ben during matches either.”

Women’s team star, Kenzie Bentley features in the first drop of NFTs

Working alongside digital artwork space leader Neverby’s, funds will go towards a number of causes including another trip to Turkey for Captain Andy Keogh.

Harri Nathans, Neverby’s CEO said: “To collaborate with Mossley AFC, one of the most successful and storied football clubs in erm, Mossley, for this first-of-its-kind NFT collection marks a turning point in how NFTs can be used to engage supporters.

“We know that not everyone will be ready to explore the world of NFTs and Cryptocurrency. However, we have conducted in-depth research with the girls in the pie hut and some kids that tried to sneak in from the park and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The pies were good too.”

Mason Fawns also has his very own NFT

On future plans for social connection, Chairman Stephen Porter said “We’re looking to bring the Metaverse to Mossley, especially as the local buses aren’t that reliable these days. We’re keen to generate new and innovative opportunities for supporters including virtual and augmented reality. 3D spaces in the Metaverse will mean you won’t need to leave your home to see matches. You’ll be able to shower with the players too.”