Club Statement

Following yesterday’s surprise announcement from the Northern Premier League, the Board of Directors met last night to consider the impact.

On 4th December, the Trident Leagues (Northern Premier League, Southern Premier League and Isthmian League) released a statement following a vote put to clubs. 76% of clubs across the three leagues voted to pause the season with regular reviews. It was agreed that the three Leagues would not sanction fixtures at that time until further Government reviews of the tiering system. As a result, on 7th December the Northern Premier League circulated information that all fixtures on 19th December were postponed.

Yesterday morning a statement contradicting the above was released by the Northern Premier League stating clubs were now allowed to play fixtures on 19th December with agreement from both parties. The league also informed clubs that they were looking to impose a mandatory restart of the league on 26th December.

As it stands, with the number of supporters allowed to attend capped at 200 in Tier 3 and with no food or drink sales available, we are being forced to be loss making by continuing the league season.

Yesterday we wrote to the Northern Premier League offering to share figures of the financial impact this decision will have. We have also asked them a number of questions and look forward to their response.

We do not support the planned restart of the Northern Premier League season on the 19th or 26th December under current circumstances. As a club we will conduct our own feasibility reviews on a fixture by fixture basis and act accordingly.

We are very lucky to have a fantastic and loyal fan base. Sadly, many supporters will no longer be able to attend matches, the impact of which is not being considered in the decision by the league.

The players, coaching team, supporters and directors want football back as soon as possible but as custodians of a club with a 117-year history and a proud place at the heart of our community, we are not prepared to put our club at risk in the long term.

The Mossley AFC Board of Directors